Firewood Sales



Current Prices (per cord, split)

    • $250 Conifer Mix
    • $250 Birch

Notes & FAQ:

  • Conifer Mix — primarily Douglas-fir, but possibly pine, spruce, balsam, hemlock in mix.  
  • Birch is delivered and processed as green logs so buy it well in advance to allow time for seasoning. Once dry, birch has a high BTU rating and makes excellent firewood.
  • All prices include tax and free delivery within Barriere area.  Outside deliveries available for additional fee.  Submit form with address for pricing.
  • All wood is split and processed to 16″ maximum lengths. (there will be shorter pieces as the logs are not delivered in even multiples)
  • Rounds are available but limited to August as requires changing out splitter head on our processor.  Please book ahead if interested.  
  • Due to challenges accessing a consistent supply of dry firewood logs, we no longer guarantee dry firewood although we will always provide the best we have available at the time of delivery. This said, we strongly recommend purchasing your FALL/WINTER firewood in the SPRING to allow adequate time for drying.
  • To encourage customers to get their FALL/WINTER wood in the SPRING we are offering 10% off for the months of May and June 2020.

Why the rate increase?

  • Pulp markets are strong. These logs are what we use for firewood production and currently sell at $ 50/m3 which equates to approximately $150/cord. At our previous rate of $200/cord taxes in, this leaves only $40/cord to cover the costs of processing and delivery which simply isn’t sustainable.    
  • Dry logs often still make high value sawlogs that range from $65-95/m3, which equates to $195-295/cord.  These logs are not used for firewood but rather sold as sawlogs wherever possible. 

cord cost breakdown

Fill out the order form below or call us with your order 250-672-1941 (office) or text/call Mike Francis 778-220-1941

We accept payment by cheque or cash upon delivery. E-transfer’s are also accepted to

*Please note : we require sufficient space to back in, and raise the truck box to unload the firewood.  Customers need to ensure that driveways are clear, pathways are clear and no snow piles to slow delivery.

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