Management Structure

The operations of the Community Forest are managed by the Lower North Thompson Community Forest Society. Residents from the Lower North Thompson Valley (~Little Fort to McLure) can purchase a membership and nominate representatives to sit on the Board of Directors. Board positions are voluntary only. The Board of Directors hire and oversee professional management staff that are responsible for day to day management operations.


Board of Directors

Harley Wright (Barriere)

Wim Houben (Barriere)

Norm Kienitz (Louis Creek)

Brian Bondar (Barriere)
Ted Brown (Little Fort)
Gailen Conan (Barriere)
Greg Fennell (Barriere)
Kathy Cooper (Barriere)
Dave Stutt (Chu Chua)
Mike Casey (Darfield)
Ward Stamer (Barriere)
Scott Kershaw (Barriere)


Mike Francis, RPF (General Manager)

Sky Jarvis, FIT (Forest Technician)

Milling, Carpentry & Firewood
Morris Sheane

Ken Beck

Joe Wodyga

Administrative Assistant
Glenda Watt

Additionally, the LNTCFS also seasonally hires a combination of local high school students and BC university students to assist with the Milling and Woodlands operations. The LNTCFS value young workers and attempts to provide opportunities for youth to gain work experience in the Forestry Industry. If you are a youth (aged 15-30) looking for seasonal work experience please reach out for more information on our hiring process (