Mission Statement

To establish local control of dedicated forest resources for the long-term sustainability of the five participating communities. To secure for these communities an opportunity to be more self-determined. To engender economic stability in these communities. To practice and model exemplary stewardship of the local forest environment.



Pursuant to the wildfires of 2003 which burned down the Tolko mill in Louis Creek, the effected the loss of a large number of jobs in our communities, and with government legislation allowing forest licensees to remove timber from our area without the benefit of jobs to our communities, volunteers came together to pursue a Community Forest License for the Lower North Thompson Valley.


  • Create a long-term sustainable plan for local forest resources that benefits the people of the Lower North Thompson Valley
  • Preserve ownership of local natural resources, promoting self determination for our communities
  • Create sustainable employment, new business opportunities and investment
  • Provide long-term opportunities for achieving a range of community objectives, including: skills training, forest related education, and social environmental, and economic benefits


Benefits of a long-term community forest license

  • Profits provide revenue for much needed community enhancement within each of the participating areas by providing grants to not for profit organizations, scholarships and bursaries for graduating students
  • To attract Value-added industry to the area by securing a steady supply of fiber at a fair market price
  • Establish local control of forest resources and ensure good stewardship of environment
  • Create new, sustainable job opportunities